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so i just got coinops reignite r3 showcase the other week. AWESOME! the best part is all the videos of all the differnt games when scrolling throught the rom list. helps me pick what game i want to check out.


my question is this. do other emulators (for any system) support video previews like coinops does? if so does anyone know where to get a bundle of preview videos?


heres the emus im currently runnin:



Z26X - Atari 2600 v5

Atari 7800

CoinOPS reignite R3 SHOWCASE upgrade

FBA-XXX Pro v1.28


final burn 1.1

intellivision - blissx_v5











ZsnexBox 3.5


i dont even have screen shots for any of these. just videos on coinops and boxart on surreal 64. would LOVE more previews.


also if anyone thinks im really missin out on another cool emu let me know.

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You really need the ResXtras. These are video and screenshot packs for various emulators. His thread is over at xbox scene forums. Software, Emulators, Resxtras and compatability lists. There are various packs for various emulators. Im making NeoGenesis video previews myself but at a much higher quality. My packs are currently being sorted alphabeticaly for downloading purposes. They "may" be replacing some videos in the ResXtras NeoGenesis pack soon. CoinOps has only just implimented this feature (with bad aspect ratios in HD at least) where as the ResXtras for all other emulators has been around for quite a while. Check it out and make up your own mind.

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