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FB Alpha Released!


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* Ported YM2413 core from SMS Plus and added an interface for it [barry]

* Added a seperate timer to the YM3812 interface allowing the chip to be used with other FM chips and updated all the drivers that use it [barry]

* Added support to the AY8910 core to handle the ports outside of the init function, and updated the YM2203 interface to use them [iq_132]

* Fixed a stupid bug I introduced in the K051649 core [barry]

* Added timer support for the M6502 CPU [iq_132]

* Seperated the op code area for the M6502 CPU [iq_132]

* Fixed cheat support in the SH-2 CPU core [iq_132]

* Small fix to the Z80 core to reset the registers [iq_132]

* Fixed typo in the HD6309 core as per MAME 0.132u4 [iq_132]

* Added a palette viewer for games on Cave, CPS-1/2/3, Megadrive, Neo-Geo, PGM, Psikyo and Toaplan hardware and any game using the generic tiles module, which covers most games [barry]

* Fixed the XML Dat file output to properly support ampersands in rom names [barry]

* Made the maximum rom name length 100 characters instead of 32 [barry]

* Added a warning to BurnTransferCopy when BurnTransferInit hasn't been called [iq_132]

* Fixed an issue with reporting some sound options in the System Info dialog that came about when changing the sound interface to plug-ins [barry]

* Removed the active Z80 core from the System Info dialog as the ZET interface only supports one core [barry]

* Added support for Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7 detection to the System Info dialog [barry]

* Added an Atari filter to the game selection dialog [barry]

* Added driver for Blood Bros. and Sky Smasher [iq_132]

* Added driver for D-Con and SD Gundam Psycho Salamander no Kyoui [iq_132]

* Added a preliminary driver for games on DEC-8 hardware [iq_132]

* Added a preliminary driver for Gauntlet [barry]

* Added driver for games on Karnov hardware [iq_132]

* Added driver for Konami Twin 16 hardware [iq_132]

* Added Bells & Whistles and Sunset Riders to the Konami drivers [barry]

* Added Lightning Fighters, Punk Shot, Quiz Gakumon no Susume, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles in Time, Thunder Cross II to the Konami drivers [iq_132]

* Added driver for Mitchell hardware [barry]

* Added driver for games on NMK16 hardware [iq_132]

* Added driver for games on Psikyo SH hardware [iq_132]

* Added driver for Return of the Invaders [iq_132]

* Added driver for scooter Shooter [iq_132]

* Added Atomic Point and Snapper to the Sega System 16B driver [barry]

* Added driver for Speed Rumbler [iq_132]

* Added preliminary driver for Toki [iq_132]

* Added driver for Vendetta, press F2 whilst booting to pass the ROM test [iq_132]

* Added driver for games on Yun Sung 16 hardware [iq_132]

* Added driver for WWF Superstars [iq_132]

* Added bootleg of Street Fighter 2 to the CPS-1 driver [barry]

* Added Street Fighter II - Champion Edition Accelerator! bootleg to the CPS-1 driver [barry]

* Added Street Fighter II Quicken Pt-I bootleg to the CPS-1 driver [barry]

* Added sf2m9, sf2m10, sf2m11 and sf2m12 to the CPS-1 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Dungeons & Dragons to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Battle of Atlantis to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added a clone of Dambusters to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added Kamakazi III to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added various games and clones to the New Zealand Story driver [iq_132]

* Added clone of Pacman to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added Phoenix Part 2 to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added clone of Space War S to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added clone of Strategy X to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added clone of Metal Slug 4 to the Neo Geo driver [barry]

* Added clone of Outrun to the Outrun driver [barry]

* Added a clone to the Shadow Force driver [barry]

* Added Back Fire to the Tecmo driver [iq_132]

* Added clone of Hellfire to the Toaplan-1 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Battle Garegga to the Toaplan-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of X-Men to the X-Men driver [barry]

* Fixed potential memory leak in the Tengai driver rom loading [kenshiro]

* Fixed the palette decoding in Dambusters to work with the correct PROM dump [barry]

* Added Z-Rejection support to the K053245 module, fixing sprites in Bells & Whistles and Sunset Riders [iq_132]

* Added a module for the Konami K053936 IC module [iq_132]

* Added shadow support to the Konami IC chips where necessary [iq_132]

* Fixed Cue Brick [barry]

* Fixed an issue with coin inputs in the 2 Player versions of Crime Fighters [iq_132]

* Fixed the Haunted Castle driver [iq_132]

* Fixed an issue with the Konami Twin 16 driver when compiling with VC [barry]

* Added support for the new graphic roms in gradius2 [barry]

* Fixed savestates in the Gyrus driver [iq_132]

* Fixed the sound in Scooter Shoorer [barry]

* Tidied up the Mad Gear driver to support the new sets and increased interleave which fixes the music [barry]

* Modified the Power Instinct driver to use the generic drawing routines [iq_132]

* Added Mobile Suit Gundam EX Revue and the Sammy shooting games to the Seta2 driver [iq_132]

* Fixed the gun inputs in the Sammy shooting games [barry]

* Added the ability to read from the X1-010 sound chip and hooked it up in the Seta2 driver, improving the sound [barry]

* Fixed memory leaks in the Shadow Force driver's graphic rom loading [kenshiro]

* Tidied the Toki driver and added sound [barry]

* PGM Updates [iq_132]

o Fixed kov2106 thanks to the FBA Shuffle team :bounce: [iq_132]

o Added a few small speedups

+ Only recalculate the whole palette when needed now rather than every frame [iq_132]

+ Clear all video buffers in one loop [iq_132]

o Fixed a crash when doing line scroll (see kovsh intro - fire stage background) [iq_132]

o Fixed sound after save state load [iq_132]

* Megadrive Updates [barry]

o Fixed an issue with games' buggy sound programs expecting certain results back [barry]

o Added support for some custom banking cartridges [barry]

o Updated the web-based Megadrive driver database with the new games from HazeMD 0.14a [barry]

o Removed rom editing capability from the web form [barry]

o Updated the web-based Megadrive driver generator to support games with multiple roms [barry]

o Added a check to the driver generator to make sure any non-working parents are included in release builds if they have working clones [barry]

* Matched all sets to MAME 0.134u3 [barry]

* Changed the dat file output using the ROM_VERIFY compile-time flag to produce the XML datfile type [barry]

* Updated libpng to version 1.2.40 [barry]

* Updated the compile guides to work with the newest available tools [barry]



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