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Has anyone else run into this with Shenmue?

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Hi everyone, I was wondering: I'm playing Shenmue on nullDC 1.6 and have this weird occurrence take place whenever I open certain drawers or look at the bus schedule and map in the harbor-everything seems to become unresponsive except for the camera (I can move it around freely like normal) and I'm forced to exit nullDC every time.

Also, there is no B button in the lower right hand corner that indicates I can leave the drawer or sign or whatever like usual.


This is a real problem since I'm trying to grab the key I need from Ryo's father's room and the drawer it's inside happens to be one of the problem drawers- same thing happened when I was looking through the drawer in Ryo's room that has a photo of his friends, too. Has anyone else had a similar problem or is it just me? o_0

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