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Final Burn Alpha Released!


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* Tidied source to compile cleanly with GCC 3.4.5, GCC 4.3.3 and the latest Microsoft SDKs [barry]

* Wrote compile guides for the above which are available on my website [barry]

* Replaced the readme.txt with a detailed Windows help file [barry]

* Replaced the whatsnew.txt with a HTML document and added a link to it from the help menu [barry]

* Updated libpng to the current version (1.2.35) [barry]

* Made a new higher quality icon, with support for the nice big vista icon [barry]

* Ported MAME's Konami CPU core [iq_132]

* Fixed an issue with the M6809 interface [iq_132]

* Fixed Konami core to compile with VC [barry]

* Added Signed Write support to the DAC core [barry]

* Added control over the volume of the DAC core [barry]

* Added option to control whether the DAC core adds to the current buffer or not [barry]

* Big update to the Megadrive driver [barry]

o Greatly improved timing

+ Changed the YM2612 to use the 68000 for timing since the Z80 can be disabled

+ Properly supported PAL

+ Updated the reset routine to support switching between regions

o Changed to MAME's Z80 core - it works much better

o Basic SRAM support

o Added support for most games that require special init functions

o General tidy-up and many small fixes

o Most games now work - testing is under way to enable games that are working (see my site for details on how you can help this effort)

o Updated to the latest driver generated from the database

* Added driver for 1943 [barry]

* Added driver for F1 Grand Prix [iq_132]

* Added driver for games on Fuuki FG-3 hardware [iq_132]

* Added driver for Gyrus [iq_132]

* Added driver for Haunted Castle [iq_132]

* Added driver for Lethal Crash Race [iq_132]

* Added driver for Vigilante and games on similar hardware [barry]

* Added clone of Chase HQ to the Taito Z driver [barry]

* Added clone of Mighty Pang to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Night Warriors to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Operation Wolf to the Taito Misc driver [barry]

* Added support for the Neo-Geo Deck BIOS [barry]

* Made the Neo-Geo BIOS select more intuitive [barry]

* Improved the PGM driver, see changes.txt in the PGM folder for full details [iq_132]

* Simulated the protection in Oriental Legends Special/Super making it playable [XingXing]

* Fixed background colours and added savestates to 1943 [iq_132]

* Fixed an issue with some sprites in World Cup '90 [barry]

* Fixed text layer in Metal Slug 4 Plus [kenshiro]

* Added XAudio2 Sound plugin, partially based on FBA Shuffle [barry]

* Fixed an issue with the Neo-Geo driver flags, fixing Memory Cards and Button Macros [barry]

* Added the full range of button combinations to the Neo-Geo macros [barry]

* Added macro support for the PGM driver [barry]

* Changed the parent filters in the selection dialog to behave in the expected way [barry]

* Fixed MAWS links [barry]

* Moved the FPS display in the DirectX 9 blitter to the top right [FBAShuffle]

* Matched all sets to MAME 0.131 [barry]


As per the usual arrangement, get the binary and bources here:


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