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Guess Wat guys pS2 emulator is out

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The much awaited, ever expected next version of PCSX2 has been released. Yes folks, it plays commercial games:). You can find the official PCSX2 compatibility list here.
Here's what's new:

A release that make you look things more promising. Several games can boot now and plenty of them can reach even ingame.
There are still big issues with graphics but many improvements have done from 0.41. Some games that now can reach ingame
wild wild racing PAL (with patches)
Street fighter ex3 PAL (with patches)
Le Mans 24 Hours (24 Heures Du Mans) PAL (with patches)
V-rally 3 pal (with patches)
and probably a lot more :D

Fixes to VUs

Handle for the EDI flag at ERET(cop0)

New improved cpu detection routine

Commented D/T flags for VUmicro

fixed some FPU bugs in recompiler

fixed PCPYLD in interpreter

Add compiler blocks for vu0, vu1 and few instructions

Several other fixes in cpu cores

Reg caching recompiler (not enable in 0.5 )

Fixed Debugger/rdebugger (there are still some issues)

Added TLB exceptions

Fixed IOP mem accesses from EE Memory

New memory routines

Fixed VIF Transfers to include MARK reg in VIF0 aswell.

FIFO for VIF0/1 now works

More improvements to VifDma

Improved VIF for transfers in parts

FiFo VIF1 can read data now

Fixed IDEC bitstream decoding. Now, all *.ipu files should work fine

bug fixes to IPU

Fixed clock in bios

Fixed MFIFO for GS dma

CDVDgetTD function need a 2nd parametre (new cdvd plugins needed!!)

cdgetTOC + cdReadSubq

HSync stuff, and better CSR/IMR handling

Implemented mskpath3 / m3r flags

Fixed VU memory64 writes masks

Implemented INTC_STAT/MASK and DMAC_STAT for 64bits

Added/fixed SCMDs (2,3,1A) in cdvd

Vif0/1 regs are now mapped to hardware

Fixes in sio, sio2

Destination Chain for SPR0 dma and added Vif masking

Now pad2 works in lle mode [tested with bios browser]

New SCMDs and MC commands

Fixed dmaIrq's for Source Chain mode

Fixed ret DMA op

Added a base interrupt delay for the dma7 (spu2)

Fixed pads. Now it should work okay most of the times

Changed the way we handle SPR TTE transfers

Added the possibility to load the System.map from ps2linux

Added patching system. *pnach files are used now

Added dev9 plugins


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