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NDS best flash cart?

wat be the best nds flash cart?  

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Ahoy there! what be the best flash cart for the ds, matey?


please tell us why!!


if for u minty fresh goodness = no, then yell us why


ohh man im totally tripping mints right now. :D:deadx::punk::(


i'm not trying to bias anyones oppinion but [Cyclods evolution]=[King of flash carts], therefore [cyclods evolution]=[elvis]

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Go with the M3 Simply or R4DS


There is absolutely no difference between the two except the sticker on the front


both are the same price, have the same menu and do the same things


don't let anyone tell you otherwise


just pick one out of a hat


They use micro-sd cards for storage and are the best in terms of performance - price ratio


after that i'd go for the M3 Real cos its the same but supports Micro SDHC


or if you want a NAND flash one go for the G6 Real which has 2GB Space and is a reasonable price unlike the DS-X whch is the same and has buggy firmware


Hope that helps...

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lol this is like a year or so old... 1 reply....




even though ur a noob on these forums...

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