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Are my laptop's specs adequate enough to run nullDC near or at 100%?

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Windows XP Pro SP3

Pentium 4 (w/Hyper-Threading) @ 3.2 Ghz

256 MB ATi Mobility Radeon X800

Realtek ALC880 5.1/7.1 Sound Card


I've already been trying out nullDC and set it up according to the recommended plugins/settings mentioned in the readme. I've also lowered all of my graphic's cards filtering/aliasing/etc. options to their absolute minimum.


So far I've managed to try out two games: Virtua Fighter 3TB & Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. I also have Capcom Vs. SNK 2 but for some reason the emulator doesn't load it, it just goes straight to the DC main menu.


VF3TB ran decently, obviously had some slight graphic problems or corruption in spots (I know that much, that DC emulation is far from perfect) and the total speed of the emu never dropped below 80-85% at most.


MVC2 ran well, though there was graphic corruption in the form of distracting lines on the sprites and backgrounds, and mssing sprites in the intro. It rarely dipped the emu below 90-95%.



With that in mind, are these some alternate settings or plugins that I should keep in mind considering my specs, and which would improve the performance of the emulator? Or is the graphic corruption on games like these (MVC2 specifically) just because DC emulation isn't that far up yet?



I've also been trying out the Saturn emulator, SSF (supposedly the best one).........does it really run crappy on all but 2D Saturn games? I tried out the Virtua Fighter series and it ran and looked abysmal. Any settings I should keep in mind for this emu?

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There aren't any extra plugins (aside from those ported over from Chankast) that you should be using. There simply aren't any additional plugin aside from those that are already included with nullDC.


IIRC, MvC2 i particular is known for having those visible "garbage lines"... Sounds like your CvS2 isn't self-boot.


In regards to SSF, it is slow because all rendering is done in software, despite some hints that Direct3D is still being used. Needless to say, with a tin of CPUs that have to be in sync (2 main, 2 graphics processors, 1 for geometry etc. etc.) , you'll see a performance hit with 3D games - you'll need a decent dual core system if are planning on seeing constant framerates across the board.

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