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FB Alpha Released!


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Here's the what's new;


* Added driver for Contra [iq_132]

* Added driver Funny Bubble [iq_132]

* Added driver for Legend of Kage [iq_132]

* Added driver for games on Legendary Wings hardware [iq_132]

* Added driver for Son Son [iq_132]

* Added Cue Brick to the Konami driver [barry]

* Added clone of Armored Warriors to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Capcom Sports Club to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Giga Wing to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Small speed-up in the generic tile handling, improving the speed slightly in lots of drivers [barry]

* Corrected the text rom size in Samurai Shodown V and Samuari Shodown V Special [barry]

* Updated the Neo Geo Bios roms [barry]

* Added support for the Samurai Shodown V bootleg [barry]

* Hooked up the region dip switch in the PCB version of Metal Slug 5 - this won't work until we have dumps of the actual PCB program roms though [barry]

* Corrected the road colours in Enforce [barry]

* Fixed sound in Ali Baba [iq_132]

* Fixed an issue with icon handling in the favourites module [Captain CPS-X]

* Disabled the Neo Geo multislot menu item until such time it does something useful [barry]

* Matched all sets to MAME 0.128



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