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Questions about nulldc

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You wouldnt have to buy 512 more, you can get 256 more and a new Video card.


And ive heard this one too many times but HDD space has minimal effect on Computer performance. Or so i think. I Know a hard drive with alot of lost clusters and fragmented files will take longer to access files but aside from that it doesnt really.


Am i right?


Good Luck finding a PCI Video card.

I dont know if that would still be enough.If you checked my specs I have 224 system memory ram.if i get 256 it only adds up to 480 or something like that.I need at least 512mb ram to be able to run the dreamcast emulator.

another question how much ram mb should the video card I get have?

You have a 256MB Ram Stick in your computer but it doesnt count all of it. I believe it doesnt count what the Operating system uses. But in actuality, another 256MB, would put you at 512

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