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FB Alpha Release

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FB Alpha Release




New release with lot of cool stuff to keep burning out crappy builds around the net :D


Check the What's new!:


* Ported MAME's M6809 CPU core [barry]

* Ported MAME's HD6309 CPU core [barry]

* Ported MAME's M6800, HD63701 CPU cores [barry]

* Added an interface to the M6809 core and added support for it to BurnTimer and the cheat module [barry]

* Added an interface to the HD6309 core and added support for it to BurnTimer and the cheat module [barry]

* Added an interface to the M6800 and family cores and added support for them to BurnTimer and the cheat module [barry]

* Added driver for Double Dragon and Double Dragon II [barry]

* Added driver for Ghouls & Ghosts [barry]

* Added driver for Renegade [barry]

* Added SNK16 driver [iq_132]

* Added clone of The New Zealand Story to it's driver [iq_132]

* Added analog inputs to the SNK16 driver [barry]

* Hooked up the sound CPU comms in the Power Instinct 2 driver [barry]

* Very big update to the Jukebox [Captain CPS-X]

* Rewrote favourites module - delete your old favorites.dat file [Captain CPS-X]

* Added support for icons in the gamelists [Captain CPS-X]

* Added options to configure vertical and horizontal full-screen resolutions seperately [Captain CPS-X]

* Fixed another bug when FBA was used under Vista [Captain CPS-X]

* Made the inputs dialog stop the sound properly when using the shortcut key [Captain CPS-X]

* Applied the dialog sound fix above to the dip switch and cheat dialogs [barry]

* Fixed a memory leak when loading PNGs [Captain CPS-X]

* Optimised the automatic support file download feature [Captain CPS-X]

* Matched all sets to MAME 0.127u2 [barry]




Pictures of my recent WIP are coming soon, so stay alert for news at NeoSource, another great site hosted at 1Emulation.Com! ^^




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