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Suggestion for the Win2DS Homebrew


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I just signed up here for that I want to suggest something for the Win2DS homebrew which I know will help many people.


Now when the Guitar Grip is up , I thought it could be smart to utulize it.

and I've seen a few homebrews which have used the grip , And I think this homebrew needs it the most.


My suggestion is


Add the guitar grip buttons to the custom buttons configuration , And make it useable .

Allow setting keys to these buttons. (like , Blue = F1 , Or so.)


That way people could use it for extra buttons to games on the PC


Even use it for the Frets On Fire program for the PC , That way they could download songs and play them using the DS and wont need to buy the Guitar Hero Guitar for the PC in order to use the guitar buttons INSTEAD of the PC buttons.



Its a suggestion I asked alot of people if they think they'd use , Most of the answers were yes.


Just a suggestion , I hope you take it.

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