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Trouble with DS2Key Ver0.6


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I got DS2Key to work very well. However, I have 2 issues.

1. In a fanmade game, when I use the DS as a controller, the menus, which are changed with the left and right key, keep on going always left, nonstop, as if I pressed a button that I didn't. The server says that I didn't press the button either. Occasionally, it will press the a for me, and enter a sub-menu, and then rpepat doing that same action, like on a loop. The only solution so far is to exit the game and start it up again. However, this always happens whenever I use the controller. If I close teh DS shell, and use the keyboard, it works fine, but if I open the DS it starts again. When in a battle, the dspad works perfectly.

2. I placed the orophile editor by poebel in the DS2Key folder, and now the computer no longer responds to the key presses. The button presses show up on the server, but the computer does not respond.

Any help would be a appreciated.

If you must know, the game is Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou. It's a japanese fanmade game based off an anime.

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