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Help for my king of fighter xi on pcsx2


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Thank you for your answers Agozer,



1 - So if I have understood all my settings are well except: limiting the frame?


2 - I wanted to talk to safeguard progress in the game you understand?


Try phrasing your questions in French too. I am a little out of practice but it's worth a shot. Also, by 'safeguard it's parts' do you mean save your progress in the game?

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With your current Frame Limiting setting, the emulator runs as fast as your system allows it to (i.e. even faster than 60 frames per second if possible).


"Limit" caps the speeds at 100%, meaning 60fps for NTSC and 50 fps for PAL.


"Frame Skip" as the name suggests, skips some frames in animations making the emulation faster if your system is not fast enough to keep a constant 100% speed. This can break certain games or introduce unwanted side effects in some games, but you should try it if a game is too slow.


"VU Skip", as it read in the configuration window, tries to skip more frames than "Frame Skip" does, but there's an even bigger chance of cetain games breaking or sowing unwanted side effects.

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I shall resume from the beginning it will be easier for me. So I deleted my emulator and all these plugins ...


Can you then tell me what version of PCSX2 I must take. What plugins etc., for having the best possible emulator to run FF12.

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Too late i delete all :(...



So I need to download:


1 - PCSX2 SVN Rev. 0.9.5. 377?




2 - ZeroSPU2 0.4.6?




3 - Latest: GSdx 0.1.8 (7z)?



That's all?





Ps: I am new in emulation. I apologize in advance for my English. I am French.

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