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DS2Key: Trying to have "Alternate functions"


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Alright, after hours and hours of pain and torture, I've finally got DS2Key and DSPad working. But, I'm wondering something: Could I make a Glove.Pie script to use this?


I assume so, as my DS is mapped to standard Keyboard buttons, but here's the main reason why I want to do this: I want to set it up so that, when holding L, the buttons on the right (ABXY), which are mapped to buttons on the Numpad (6284) to switch to being mapped to (9371) instead. Doing that would be pretty darn useful, as then I could have both aiming and other functions, like jumping and such.


If there's any other way to set it so that holding L changes the function of the ABXY keys, then that of course is welcome.


If there is any way of doing this, me and my sister would greatly appreciate it. I'd hate to have finally figured this out just to run into such a silly wall like this.


EDIT: Looks like someone else has already had this rather good idea....


Sugestion, hope i can explain it.

In PPJoy, i used to use a setup like ABXYR as keys and L as a profile changer trigger for another profile in wich ABXYR are another 5 keys.

Like: ABXYR as 12345 keys and holding L they are 67890.

So i have 10 buttons instead the original 6 from DS (not including the dpad and virtual touch screen buttons).


Maybe DS2Key could have a special assign for a button wich links another profile.


Lets say LR link 2 diferent profiles, we could have 12 different buttons!

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