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help , how to play kof 98 UM online on the ps2?

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anyone know how a i can play my KOF98UM online on the PS2 ? :D


i got :


- PS2 slim (pal) [with Ethernet adapter]

-KOF98UM original copy

-a Network Cd (for setting the DNS etc..)


I cant READ the MANUAL of the game !!!!!,cause its in Japanese !! , i tried to ask my friends they dont know


i checked the internet , nothing except that everybody talking about games for NTSC and Europe(which have online play)


i also couldnt find any japanese site that explain anything about playing jap games online


i have been searching for 7 months , and i find nothing .


i also tried to trail and error method but no use


if anyone can transalate the options and the texts in the NETwork Match Mode (all the screens which comes after you enter this mode) :(


please i am so desperate , i got loooong list of Jap Fighting games to play online on ps2 :blink:


thanks , and sorry for writting (chatting) to much :D

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