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How to connect your DS to your PC! (Easy to follow instructions)


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I don't understand... I followed all the steps (I'm not sure about step 2: was it on my computer that I had to change those settings? I changed things on my Livebox router, they asked me questions about service, protocole, external and internal ports, ip). On my DS, I chose the ports, the ip, no problem... In the end, I selected player 1 and it is written "DS2key mode is active" but it doesn't load. I don't see anything on my DS or on my computer. I think the problem is the link between the two but I don't know what to do... I have never connected my DS to the internet thanks to wifi or something like that so I am quite a beginner... I spent a whole day trying to make it work, could you pleaaaase help me :'(. Thanks!

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