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Project 64 problems

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Graphics card,, as in that piece of hardware that is responsible for displaying all the stuff that appears on your monitor. Without one, you see nothing.

You know, in this day and age, you're supposed to know what kind of computer hardware you have. No one buys anything with their eyes closed either.


If DirectDraw and Direct3D acceleration are not available, no wonder every piece of software using 3D graphics fails.


Check the Display tab in DxDiag and tell me what you see in addition the Direct3D acceleration etc,. statuses.


the device is intel it says


I keep ahaving bugs with pokemon staduim 2 . The arena bugs out by moving and flipnig and stuff. And i cant see the text in the quizes and stufff. is it because its in direct3D 6.0 mode or something

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Your only option is updating your drivers and using Jabo's Direct3D6 plugin, which is included with Project64. If/When games bug out with that, there's nothing you can do, except buying an actual graphics card that doesn't suck.

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