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Problems with Netplay for Secret of Mana...

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Right, so, for a long time I've wanted to play Secret of Mana via netplay on the ZSNES with my friends, but it just won't boot up. I can connect to people perfectly well, talk to them, play other multiplayer games, but Secret of Mana (and Seiken Densetsu 3) absolutely refuse to load. I thought that perhaps the issue is there no being actual multiplayer function from the start, and tried to resolve this by questing through the game up to a second character being introduced and sending the save file to my friend, but this did nothing. When I try to boot up the game, it blacks out the screen like it's attempting to start but freezes up and crashes ZSNES. I've looked extensively for guides enumerating my problem or forum topics with people complaining about the same issue, but I seem to be the only person with this problem. Can somebody shed some light on what I'm doing wrong???

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