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Need the name of a program


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Got this two programs...but to use PsxMC i need to go in option and set the drive to use. I don,t have a Cd-rom i use daemon tools 3.47 because all my psx games are images....In PsxMc menu i have 2 options:


1.Open and analize cdrom (i cant use it because psxmc dont reconize the virtual cdrom drive daemon makes)

2.Open witch gives me also an error (something like "plugin witch can process file is undetectable") after i select a psx file(str, mov, xa) from the virtual drive


Psmplay also gives me the eror "not suported format"


Whats wrong here? This programs dont see daemon tools? i remember that some tome ago when i was using psxmc i had the same daemon tools

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