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ePSXe controller gamepad joystick


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Sorry for the long title - just trying to help the next guy googling for help on this topic...

I've just started emulating today - using sPSXe on Vista with Pete's D3D DX6 plugin, as thats the only thing I can get working. So now, I've got gamery. Last step - getting my controller to work with the damn thing.


Its a Logitech Dual Analog USB Controller (ONLY thing available here in Kuwait) and according to control panel settings, apparently it works just fine. However, ePSXe doesn't detect it. I dl'd some pad plugins, but I have no idea what they're doing - nothing, mostly.


I know this is a total N003 question, but I've spent as much time with google on this as I'm prepared to - most of my lousy ONE DAY OFF. So mad props to whoever can help me out with this. Thanks.

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Is it the Logitech Dual Action gamepad?. I've seen many people bitching about this gamepad in particular on many forums, and most say the same thing: Even if the pad works perfectly in the Control Panel settings, it fails to get recognized in many emulators and programs alike.


I don't know how big of a role vista plays in all of this, but I've also heard claims that uninstalling the Logitech Profiler might help. If it doesn't ditch the Dual Action and get a Rumblepad2 instead.


P.S. You should really use Pete's OpenGL2 plugin over the D3D variants anyday, unless your graphics hardware can be considered so subpar that no plugin other than Pete's D3D6 plugin works with it.


EDIT: Ok, I took a look at your other post and it seems that you are indeed stuck with the d3D6 plugin in Vista... What can I say, get yourself an XP system on then you are simply doing something wrong.

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