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PicoDrive 0.30 for PSP Released


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A Sega Mega Drive / Genesis / Mega CD Emulator for the PSP.


There seemed to be some demand for Sega CD/Mega CD emulator for PSP, so after doing the Gizmondo port I decided to port PicoDrive, my Genesis/MegaDrive/Sega CD/Mega CD emulator, to PSP.


Well I don't really like how it performs (it still needs a bit more work), but I've decided to move to another project, so I thought I better release it as is, then keep it around untouched for months.


There is nothing fancy about this emulator (no dynarecs/asm cores), but it's still able to run many Genesis games fullspeed with no frameskip (including some CD ones), and others with some skipping. However there are some CD games which won't run too well (although situation can be improved by tweaking some options). This emulator uses hardware MP3 decoding via audiocodec library in PSP.


Note that this emu may need some option tweaking to get certain games working. Be sure to check the readme for details.

Let me just say that despite the early stage of development, this emu port works like a dream. Fullspeed in all games I've tried, including taxing ones like Adventures of Batman & Robin and Sonic 3. Also, games that had SRAM errors in DGEN and PSPGenesis (Wonder Boy in Monster Land) or didn't work at all (Shadow of the Beast) work brilliantly here. I love it- if you are a fan of the Mega Drive be sure to check this out. It blows DGEN out of the water.





Source: DCEmu

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