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Nds2xgl v2.5 (NO$GBA Add-on)

Devia Eleven

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hello, this is the version 2.5 of the my program


NDS2xGL is a program that add functions to the NO$GBA DS emulator (http://nocash.emubase.de/gba.htm), also thkz for martin for this incredible emulator =)


How to Install??


Just Extract/copy these contents into NO$GBA directory and to run use the NDS2XGL2 executable


Features From Version 2.5


1) 1.5x zoom fixed (to fit in 1024x768) (fullscreen is TODO)

2) Allow NO$GBA to rotate the screen

3) Can Speed NO$GBA emulator a bit (2%-10%)

4) It uses/requires OpenGL (a faster card more speed-up)

5) It will remeber the last select files for the roms you open using the normal open method (rom list not supported in this version)

6) It add 2 filter for the Graphics HQ2X and Scale2X

7) Add Right Click in the Touchscreen area (simulates mouse-look like those new games (CS/quake/etc..)


Optimized Settings:


Ok, i expect you have some new computer (that is needed to run NDS anyway), so this is the best you can do


in the emulator setup (F11):

Video Output: Set to 15bpp


in the nds2xgl menu:

FrameSkip 1 (30 fps) (you can use more to get little extra speed)

Textures: 16bits

Filter: Scale2x or None




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