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A new problem...

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Yes, and it's pretty much what I feared you would say. To put it bluntly, Intels's chips are by far the worst integrated chips you can have. Sure, it plays PC games relatively well, but as soon as you move to emulation, problems start piling up.


Having said that, you won't get any Dreamcast emulator working properly with that hardware without resorting to a dirty trick or two. The Intel chips fail at Dreamcast emulation because they do not support a graphics technique called Transform&Lighting in hardware.


The only thing you can do is to google a program called 3DAnalyze and enable "emulate hardware T&L caps". Then run the DC emulator and the game. I can't say if this helps, but according to other reports, this is the only way to make Dreamcast emulators show you more than just a mess of colorful shapes.

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Are you using Chankast's PVR plugin now? I don't think it has an FPS limiter as the original Chankast plugin didn't have that either. Only the default nullPVR plugin has an FPS limiter, to my understanding.

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How much faster the game actually is? You can slow it down by enabling some of the extra features in the PowerVR plugin config (like setting Paletted Textures to Dynamic, Full). then again, speed is also tied to the game you play, like some games will be faster than normal or considerably slower than normal.


Experiement, and maybe you'll find a balance of sorts.

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