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pokemon stadium and pokemon snap

abdul razak

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Project64. You get the rom(s), you put them in the emulator folder, you start the emulator, you play.


ok so i've done everything you said but now whenever i start the emulator get an error message saying "direct3d failed to intialize

error: 8876086c

d3derr_invalidcall" and after i press ok another error message appears which says "the default or selected video plugin is missing or invalid.

check that you have atleast one compatible plugin file in your plugin folder." and then a plugin setting window appears but whatever i do i get the same error as before after a while i closed the window cuz' nothing was happening and when i closed it the emulator started but when i tried to start a rom i get another error message saying "cannot open a rom because the plugins have not successfully intialised."

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Define "can't get past the first screen".


well when the rom starts the first thing i see is a n and nintendo 64 written on it but i have waited for hours and it has'nt even moved forward.

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