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I installed a fresh mugen, tried playing it with its defualt characters and stages pretty much left it alone and played it. it comes up with error 1's every single time anyone know what the problem could be?


btw im a fresh mugen player so any info on it would help alot thanks all.

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Hey there. I'm a bit more sympathetic to new players than most of those I've met here. If you e-mail me at Evil_Ryu_X@yahoo.com, I'll send you my Mugen folder; complete with 50+ characters (including Evil Ryu and Ken, and Ichigo), 49 stages, and one piece of music for each character. It also has the World Warriors X screenpack and music for the main menu, character select, and VS screen. ^^


Basically, Ill send you my mugen folder, you put it in you program files, and play it. Simple. ^^

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