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[Review] Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

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L.S.D has posted a new review of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for the PSP.




When Konami announced Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, all the MGS fans rejoiced. Finally,

the fans do not have to put up with the blaphesmy which is the Metal Gear Acid series.

They are fun in their own rights, but let face the fact: It is not MGS if they don't have

the real time stealth actions, over-the-top character design, beautiful cut-scenes and

thought-provoking story lines. I am not an avid fan of MGS series but I do love playing MGS

on PSX and MGS2 (but the sissy Raiden can just go and die). So, will Metal Gear Solid Portable

Ops (will be called MGS PO hence onwards) fulfilled all the fans' desires? Read on.

Read the full review and leave your comments here.

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