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Mouse Issues


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Ok, so i have everything configued correctly, I understand that you can't click with version 6, but my question is: Is there any way to get the mouse function to work as a touchpad rather than being bound to a touchscreen sort of setup? I'm trying to use my DS to control my media center, but it's difficult when the mouse won't move to the second "monitor" (My tv).


I've been searching for a setup or a readme or something similar, but can't find anything, and the website seems to be half working and half broken at the moment. Thank you!


Edit: Ok. For whatever reason, using the 7 beta, it maps the touchscreen to the entire monitor setup, which is fine. Now to find out how to click on things...I'll keep working on it! If anyone can chime in with some help as to where a more conclusive readme or the like is, that would be great! The translation from the brazilian site seems to have disappeared :(


Double edit: Ok...an another problem. I'm manually editting the key configs for version 7. But what numbers correspond to what keys? It appears that it follows the keyboard in numbers across the top, ie. ` is 1, 1 is 2, etc. up to backspace being 14, and tab being 15, but if you continue on, 28 is enter? So confused...


Triple edit: Hooray! I got the codes list out of the download of the profile editors from version 6! Now that that is out of the way...back to figuring out how to click :)

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