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Prank email

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Ok people i did it i have mailed a sex toy site on the net here it is.


If you are offended in anyway i apolagise in advance :angry:



I'm gay.

I am really interested in your largest double penetration dildo.

I don't need any lubricant I'm a real man I have piercings to prove it.

Any ways me and my partner [he is also gay and minces when he walks I just love him]

Is really interested in a butt plug again were a little old so we will be needing the largest in Girth that you can possibly supply us.

We are willing to pay extra because we have tons of cash.

I'm a police officer and my partner is Aerobics instructor.

So we were also wondering if you had any kinky outfits we could ware as well.


I just need to make an enquiry on one of your products the 3 snap Conical Studded cock strap

I need to know if its real leather or plastic fake leather because I am alergic to plastic fake leather.


We look forward to your reply and look forward to reccomending you to are "Ring of mincers".


Thank you very much.


Terry and Neil.





Ok now we wait for the reply. :huh:

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