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I'm a fan of Tomb Raider series.... the first one I tried it was the fourth edition. The truth is I wasn''t able to do a long jump and it never called my attention before. However, I get the pc version of the same volume and I really liked it ( I suppose the gorgeous female character was an important factor). I've tried the whole list except a gold version of Tombraider 1... and the last edition - "10th Anniversary"- .


I finished TombRaider legends and It was awsome!... however.. what I really desliked was the use of mouse for camare, and clickin' while you try to control her. I almost get used to it... but I hated it! :blink:




Well the reason is to know if you rather prefer the psx version of the games or just the pc version?--- :o

I surely think it's more interesting to play in your console (although I'm better using keyboard---on :( pc),maybe it's because it's more difficult to play in Psx... or it's just different in comparison with PC.



I haven't finished the Angel of Darkness... maybe it's because they started to use mouse right there! arrggg :shootem:




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I'd appreciate it if you'd get this in a single thread instead of posting the same thing twice.

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