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EDIT! a problem with project64k


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EDIT: I fixed it nvm mupen is working its just project 64k!


hello everyone im pretty new here but i need help with emulation.


i have 1 problem that need to be answered



ok heres the one for project 64k


whenever i double click the exe button to start project64 (k)

it says that directX3d could not be initialized, so the gfx cant be used.

thus not letting me play.




1. what do i do!


thanks for the help


-wii_hero (certified message not posted by bots! )


PS: just ask for system specifications and/or screenshots and ill update it ok.


PSS: please help this took a long time to type up...

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You probably need to set your desktop to 16-bits, otherwise the worthless program known as Project64K fails to initialize that graphics plugin properly.


95% of the time, DirectX has nothing to do with it as most people these days have at least DirectX9.0 installed by default (plus, since Mupen64K does work, that further proves that DirectX is not the culprit; Project64K is just being a douche).

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The installation steps are described in detail in the Readme text file on the same page.


I wouldn't expect much from that Intel chip though, even with updated drivers. Also, the error message you get is also common for people who have integrated Intel chips in their computers. A driver update should fix (or not; that is also a possibility with Intel's drivers).

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