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Virtual PSP Modder


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Since everyone does not have the knowledge nor the experiance to mod there psp AcidMods has decided to develope it's own program for modding a PSP in a virtual world. This program in it's most basic features will alow you to solder trigger LED's, change Faceplates and cusomize with a large variety of buttons. So far we have the trigger LED features done and are working on some fancy menu features. there is still a bit of developing left to do but we are way ahead of schedual. This program will be free to the public to use and redistribute as long as it carries with it the acidmods name. You will be able to use a large assortment of tools like screwdrivers, tweezers and magnify glass these tools will be required for you to dissassemble your virtual psp.. Here are some screen shots of the beta please note the actual release may differ from the images seen below.


Source: AcidMods

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