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Silent Hill: The Arcade Location Test

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In case you didn't know, Konami is developing a light-gun arcade version of Silent Hill titled Silent Hill: The Arcade which is due for a Q3 2007 release. A location test unit turned up in Hollywood Bowl Finchley in the UK, and is going to remain there for a couple of weeks.


The loose plot of the game involves a ghost ship sighting on Toluca Lake, 75 years after its mysterious disappearance. It so far looks to be based most closely on Silent Hill 2, featuring a number of the enemies exclusive to that game, including the straight-jacketed creatures, dogs, the now-obligatory Brookhaven nurses, and, of course, Pyramid Head.


Oh, and here are some gameplay vids, courtesy of Arcade Heroes;




Source and some screenshots.


I'm on a light-gun high at the moment, and as a long-time Silent Hill fan, I'm just loving this. Here's hoping against hope for a PS2 port.

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