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My music... yay!


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Sometimes, I tinker around in Acid Pro and make songs from samples and stuff. I don't have any real direction with these, I just kind of make them in the moment and enjoy myself. There are no vocals, it's not really any sort of genre... it's just what comes out. I'd like to share some of it!


- quick_song (Older, lost the project files)

- Razorai (Older, lost the project files)

- Speakeasy (Older, lost the project files)


I made those above in the process of two days quite a while back. Below are two new songs I've created in the past two days (I've got some other ones I'm working on which aren't finished)... I WILL NOT BE POSTING THESE UNTIL I FINISH MORE


- Prime

- Defeat Them

- Disturbance

- Something Never Blah

- No Hope


Tell me what you think if you take the time to listen to them. I'm not expecting to make a billion dollars as some crazy artist... I just play with Acid Pro in my free time -- because I lack any other musical abilities.


I'll probably post more songs and edit this post/repost as I make them.

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