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im using mame plus plus .116u3. i have sf alpha 3 currently listed as "available" and it plays perfectly offline.


im trying to play it on kaillera. i join multiple rooms with sf alpha 3 in the "waiting" status. i try to join, but it always says "this rom is not available on this computer". its the exact game (street fighter alpha 3 US980904) but it does not work.


why is this? is it because the others use a different emulator? i tried with .116 and .116u3 to the same results.

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no its not you or the other person has sfa3 (USA98094) don't know how to fix it though.



so u, and maybe others, have the same problem? i must say that i am now a little relieved cus i thought i was the only one.


do u know the last mame plus plus version that did not have this problem

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Maybe I should have stressed the words exactly the same some more...


It is like megaman_zer0 said. The sets need to be identical.


*sighs* the roms are exactly the same...same revision and everything.

street fighter alpha 3 US980904 != street fighter alpha 3 USA 980904


its the exact same file. there is no other us 980904 other than the phoenix edition. us (united states) = usa (united states "of america")



ill rephrase my problem. i have sfa3.zip and i try playing sfa3.zip with another person online but it says the rom is unavailable. i tried with mameplusplus .116 and .116u3 to the same results.




edit: i use us instead of usa because thats wut im used to. i figured everyone knew that they were the same thing...guess not. before, mame listed the game as US 980904 but in recent versions, mame renamed it to USA 980904. its still the exact same file (sfa3.zip) with the same CRC's and everything..

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ok i think i figured out the problem


as i said before, (US 980904) and (USA 980904) are the exact same game, down to the last drop. the only difference is recent mame versions renamed US to USA.


players online who use the old mame or other emulators (kawaks, nebula, etc) still list the game as US, instead of USA.


im guessing that kaillera does not know that (US 980904) and (USA 980904) are the same exact rom because it does not have the same name. therefore, it....well u know.


wut do u guys think? if im rite, then kaillera is not taking advantage of the red queen's hypotheses.

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