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El Semi's CPS-3 Emulator Preview 3 Test Version


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This is a preview version of my CPS3 emulator. Here you

can see the current work-in-progress state of the emulation.


New features emulated:

Palette fadein/out

Sean stage special tile compression

Proper sprite/tilemap alignment

Proper priority handling


The CPS3 emulation is almost complete. Only the shadow/blending

emulation is missing. There is a preliminary emulation for it

that works partially with the shadows, but is not correct in some

other places (warzard sword effects for example).


I've added savestates support. To make a savestate, first select

the slot with CTRL+number (in the main keyboard, not in the keypad)

then press F11 twice (it's done that way so you don't accidentally

delete a working state). To load a savestate, select the slot and

then press F10.


I've added an option to set a custom fullscreen resolution in the

.ini file (FullScreenWidth,FullScreenHeight). You must enable

it setting Video->Fullscreen Resolution->Custom. Using a resolution

that is not supported by your video card will cause the emulator to





CPS3 Emulator Test Version 2. I'm not including the MultiCPU version as it causes some graphics glitches and if you have a dual core CPU,

then you have enough power to run the standard version.

Download it @ http://nebula.emulatronia.com/

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