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[3/8/07] A4Tech X-750F Gaming mouse

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First off, i want to point something out. This mouse runs from anywhere from 70-90 dollars, earlier on the forums i asked if this site was a scam and whether or not i should risk buying it from them because they where selling it for about 23 bucks (It was about 30 after shipping, standard UPS ground) well I chanced it and bought from them, and it arrived on time well packaged, no BS, Its a good site with some great deals and ill probably buy from them again sometime. I'm not trying to advertise here, just point out that you can get this mouse alot cheaper than normal :)


First i thought i would mention that this is a LASER mouse NOT OPTICAL, This is important to some people, i don't really know why, but there you go.


This is the version i bought




It comes in a few other colors too, there is no difference other than the colors, I hope this link works




You can check out some pictures there


Here is the official product page: http://www.a4tech.us/product2.asp?CID=102&...&MNO=X-750F


Anyway, to review this mouse i had my friend bring over his Logitech G5 (The ub3r wired mouse from logitech) and his Razor Copperhead (although i wish he owned a Diamondback because supposedly those are better than the Copperheads)


We used some mouse benchmarking software (called MiceJudge) and they all performed around the same, with the X7 coming out slightly on top, more noticeably when i put it at 2500DPI, which isnt suprising because the other ones are only 2000 DPI. But to be honest, when playing games with them, they all pretty much felt the same accuracy wise. 2500DPI was faster, a little bit too fast at times, i would only recommend using this mode in a fast paced fragfest twitch shooter like quake or unreal, and not a game like counter-strike or an RTS. The reason why i didn't bother to get any screencaps is it would be pretty much meaningless after reading this description.


A useful feature i like, is all the modes, 600, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2500 DPI, Theres a button on top that changes the DPI, to some it might be annoying that it only switches up, and not down, but it doesnt really bother me because i usually just find a mode i like and don't change it much. Also, one thing i REALLY liked about this, is according to what DPI mode your in, the scroll wheel lights up a different color. You might thing it would be annoying to have to remember what color is each mode, but A4 tech made a very smart move of putting a sticker on the bottom of the mouse with a little chart on it that tells you. As simple as that is, i think it was a very wise decision of them, It should hold you over until you have it memorized.


Another cool thing i like about this mouse is that orange button, Its a triple click button. meaning it clicks the left button 3 times for you in one press. This works very well in CS:S because for some reason its way more accurate than clicking three times, they must have measured and got the timing just right. It works well in other games too, good for when you have to use a pistol or some semi auto gun and you dont feel like clicking a ton. Anything to aide in my lazyness=good :)


There are 2 programmable buttons on this mouse, which is less than the others, But i found myself wondering what to set the second button too, the first one is reload, the second one....action key? My keyboard is mapped out to where i don't really need it. in NFS Carbon i set one to NOS and one to that weird drift mode which works well, There a couple things you can do with it in Battlefield 2. but i dunno, unless your playing a game where you really need to access all those buttons that quickly, i think 2 is really enough. So i dont take any points off here.


The buttons are VERY reactive, you don't have to press very hard at all to get them to click, This took some getting used to as i was using some Targus mouse before that was a piece of crap (in the mouse benchmarking software it was blown away so badly it was pathetic, you really DO notice a HUGE difference playing with one of these gaming mice, they ARE worth the investment if you ask me) and on my older mouse you had to press way harder, so i kept accidentally clicking.


It has a nice little rubber grip on the side - but not if your left handed Im not left handed so i cant really test if this is a good mouse for lefties, but it seems to fit my hand okay. Theres an option in the software to flip the buttons and everything.


The software is easy to use, pretty straightforward, you assign the buttons, You can set Vertical and Horizontal DPIs to be different, use the X7-Jump feature (which i think is aimed at replacing your keyboard with a mouse- everything besides actual typing anyway, i don't really know, to be honest i didnt try it out very much, i dont really like those weird mouse apps that are always bundled in too much)


As for comfort, its very comfortable, fits my hand perfectly, it doesnt have a huge bulge on the back so my hand touches the mousepad a little, but i have huge ass hands, For this mouse to fit my hand as well as it does is pretty amazing as i rarely find any mouse comfortable, my friend with normal hands also said he liked it too haha, so its not oversized or anything.


I only have two complaints, First off, I had to buy the chrome version, i dont know why, but i did, and it DOES get fingerprint-ey. But i guess thats my fault for insisting on chrome for some reason. Second, is the cord, Its an okay length, not too long or too short, but its a little cheap feeling, ive never worn out a mouse cord in my life though nor have i ever heard of it happening with normal use so im not really worried about it.


Overall i give this mouse a 9.5/10, simply because i know some people are going to be worried about that cord, and you lefties get no cool little grip thing. It performs excellently, has all the features i could want, and blows the other ones away in terms of value thanks to AxionTech.

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Also something i want to add, according to A4Techs website, there is in fact a "Big Hand Model" and a "Common Hand Model"


I have no idea what version i have or how to tell apart from actually measuring it. This is from the website.


Product Dimension

•Big hand model:4.78"(L)X2.70"(w)x1.55"(H)

•Mouse weight:0.27 ib.

•Common hand model:4.5"(L)X2.3"(w)X1.6"(H)

Mouse weight:0.26 ib.

•Package Weight: 0.83 Ib.

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