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PeeJay v0.1 Released

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From www.psp-hacks.com:

Remember this? Well today it becomes reality from homebrew developer DickyDick1969 — Java on the PSP!


This version just has console (text) output only..


To run the demo just place bin\psp\kvm and bin\psp\kvm% on the PSP\GAMES dir (for 1.5).


To compile (on linux) go to j2me_cldc/build/psp and run make (just be sure that gcc, pspdev and java is in the PATH). It will build the psp bin and java bin files.


To run on your PSP just copy j2me_cldc/kvm/VmPsp/build/kvm and j2me_cldc/kvm/VmPsp/build/kvm% to your PSP/GAMES dir.


The eboot is for 1.5, but works probably with other versions too (not tested) just fix it with all the eboot fixers around.


For compiling existing java classes:

EVERY java class needs to be preverified prior to running on the psp.

Just check out the Makefile in j2me_cldc/build/psp for the exact commands.


Great progress!


Download: PeeJay v0.1


- source: pimpware


So... Java on the PSP, eh?

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