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eLoader “Marzenbier” v0.9.9 Released


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From www.psp-hacks.com

As mentioned earlier this morning, “…reports that a new version of eLoader is making its way to prime time, more on that soon.,” and now here it is — the latest installment of the intoxicating eLoader! v0.9.9, dubbed “Marzenbier,” has been released by none other than the group of Noobz.


Quoted from their website:


The major new feature is support for v2.70 and v2.71 firmwares. That’s right, full support for these 2 firmwares is now added, using a new kernel-mode syscall-finding technique (which is why 2.80 support is not yet possible).


As well as support for the v2.7 firmwares, there is also limited kernel mode support on v2.5-v2.71. This means that the .init program section (which contains functions declared with the ‘constructor’ attribute) will be called in kernel-mode for homebrew built with the kernel mode attribute. Note that you cannot create kernel-mode threads from the init functions in this release, due to security checks in the firmware.


The increased kernel access has also allowed us to add a built-in exception handler to eLoader, so that crashes can be caught and debugged more easily, as well as usually preventing the need to reboot.


Congratulations on this fine release Noobz.





eLoader “Marzenbier” v0.9.9 (Windows installer)

eLoader “Marzenbier” v0.9.9 (ZIP — manual install)


- source: noobz.eu

Looks like it's your lucky day, DragonKeeper! :blink: An eLoader for 2.70/2.71!

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I can't help you too much here... I'm not too familiar with eLoader, as I do not need it. :unsure: But Dgen is a tricky one to get working anyway. There are a few other emulators that might be easier here: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/psp/forthepsp.html

It's not very up-to-date, but it'll give you something to google. :blink:

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Cheers for that- I got PSPGenesis up and working.. pretty good speeds, despite being dead for more than a year, just has a lot of screen tearing issues even with vsync on.


By the way Mooney, how well does Snes9xTYL 0.42 work for you? It turns up shocking framerates even at 333mhz and Im not sure if thats because of it being on 2.70, the eloader, or if its just a slow emu all round?

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It works great for me on 1.5, almost no problems with speed or graphics at all! The only game I have problems with is Stunt Race FX. :-) Also, Snes9xTYL suggest having Vsync off, since it costs many fps. You may get better performance with it off. :clapping:

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