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2.80 Decrypted! Firmware 2.81 Released!


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From www.psp-hacks.com

Yes, you read correctly, firmware 2.80 has been decrypted! Dark_AleX has released a modified version of psardumper responsible for doing just that - dumping & decrypting FW 2.80. This tool will dump all the necessary firmware files to your memory stick required for DevHook emulation.


The necessities:

- PSP with FW 1.50

- 2.80 EBOOT Update

- PBP Unpacker


What next? Simply extract (unpack) the “data.psar” file from the 2.80 firmware update using PBP Unpacker. Copy it to the root of your PSP’s memory stick. i.e.) X:\ (if your PSP is mounted as drive letter X:)


Load Dark_AleX’s modified psardumper onto your 1.50 PSP and run it! Shortly thereafter you’re left with a decrypted 2.80 dump on your memory stick. Proceed with DevHook emulation! (soon - sorry to cause confusion, but you can’t emulate 2.80 just yet - these are only the required files, DevHook needs to be updated)


Download: psardump mod (for 2.80)


- source: lan.st

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Also from www.psp-hacks.com...

Firmware 2.81 is here, and it’s certainly not worth the upgrade. Of course, if you decide to upgrade for whatever reason, please remember you’ll be left 100% homebrew-less for the moment; this version patches the recently discovered libTIFF exploit.


Good news - Dark_AleX’s modified psar dumper (See above story) is able to successfully decrypt 2.81 also!


We have all the 2.81 FW updates (US, JP, EU, UK, etc…) available in our downloads area - here.


Good news, that. This means that soon DevHook will be able to emulate 2.80, maybe even 2.81!

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UPDATE: From www.psp-hacks.com

PSAR Dumper with Signature Check

Dark_AleX has released a quick update to the modified PSAR dumper which initially hit the scene only a few days ago.


The latest version now includes support for checking and generating the valid signature unique to your PSP. This means once DevHook is updated you’ll be able to emulate 2.8x.


PSAR dumper supports dumping & decrypting FW 2.60-2.81! All the firmware EBOOT updates can be located here.


Download: PSAR Dumper modified with Signature Check generation


- source: dax.lan.st

Now all we have to wait for is DevHook to be updated, and 2.80/2.81 will be fully emulated!

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