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Perfect Dark CamSpy is ruining my life


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Hi all,


A bit of an unusual one this but bear with me. I am running Perfect Dark using Project 64 but unfortunately my graphics card cannot render the CamSpy effect (the little droid that you control). Therefore I cannot pass a bit of the mission on level 2 (dataDyne Research) and I am stuck indefinitely.


I was wondering if I could supply my save file and some kind soul (whose graphics card can render the CamSpy effect) could clear just the CamSpy section and email me back the updated save file?


The save file is located here: http://www.seo-ireland.com/files/pdsave.zip


What I have effectively in front of me is GoldenEye II and I can't play it. It's torture!


Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

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I'm having the same problem, not just with the Camspy but also with nightvision and the IR scanner.


Anyhow, regarding the Datadyne mission, just do what I did. When you open the door to the room, stand and face directly in the isotope's direction. Release the Camspy and move it forward, but not too fast (normal walking speed is good). Snap the shutter repeatedly until the "Objective completed" message appears, then return to Joanna backwards.


The same can be done when you have to photograph the conspirators in the G5 building (crawl on the cables, face towards the little opening in the wall, release Camspy in a straight line.)

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