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tales of destiny II (us) rom fix?


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hey all,

i have been playing tales of destiny II (us) for a little bit on epsxe, and i just got to Chambard. there is some problem where black lines are going up the screen instead of the heat waves. i cannot figure out how to fix this and its really bumming me out cause i really like the game. any help on how to fix this would be much appreciated.



Babson (new member to 1Emulation.com)

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im running it on my laptop, its a toshiba with intel centrino duo core 1.83 ghz, 1 gb ram, vid card is intel 945gm express chipset family.

for epsxe, im have pete's d3d driver 1.76, dx6 d3d driver 1.76, and opengl driver 1.76. ive been playing with the settings but havent gotten any results.

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