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Very strange problem...


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Okay, I'm hoping I can explain as it's freakin' bizarre. I did some searching on here, but honestly, I was at a loss as to what to search for, it's so strange.


This applies to ALL homebrew I have with wifi. It's all stuff from the last month or so, so it has the latest code. (Well it supports WEP, so it must be new.)


Right, I can connect to the internet just fine. Multiple times, shut down the DS, boot again, connect again, it's all good, and everything is peachy. However, the problem comes when I connect to a box on my local network.


I've got SylphAMP running. (This also happens with DSOrganize when I connect to my local streaming MP3 server I have.) Internet is working just fine, so I connect via wifi to control Winamp on my Dell box. Internet still working fine. Then I shut off the DS. Internet dies. (Remember, DS was connected to my Dell, not the net.) Nothing works. I have to reboot the router if I want to use the internet again.


Now, this is where it gets VERY VERY strange. Another way to fix it is to fire up the DS again and use DSOrganize or SylphAMP and connect back again. Despite not being able to reach my Dell box from other computers on the network, for some reason, Sylphamp will still connect back to Winamp on the Dell just fine. This also magically brings the internet back for everyone on the network, and it continues working until I shut off the DS again, then we're back to no internet until I reboot the router.


I am at a complete loss. This is on a DLink DL-624 router. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, as the problem makes absolutely no sense!

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I'm thinking of why this might be happening; and I've only come up with 2 solutions so far...

either (1) you're missing or misreporting something, or (2) your router is coded poorly and freezes network if a wireless connection drops.

Have you looked for new firmware or anything?



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Well I don't think I'm missing anything. You thinking of anything specific? It's always a possibility.


As for firmware... That's a bloody good idea! I'll see if there's a new one.


Will post back later with results (assuming said upgrade didn't brick the damn thing:))


Edit: Firmware upgraded to the latest available, still got the same issue.


I turn off the DS, all my other systems can't access the net, or if they can, it's very slow (as in lots of broken images etc...) As soon as I fire up the wifi stuff again on the DS, net comes back working perfectly.


In fact right now, I'm only able to post this because SylphAMP is running. As soon as I kill it, net will be gone again...


Edit again: Okay... With SylphAMP, if I hit the button to STOP Winamp, everything seems to work just fine when I shut the DS down. If I leave Winamp running though, it does the above (kills internet). But that still leaves the other programs I use locally (the VNC one whose name escapes me right now) nerfing the net when I quit.

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