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Installing Wifi lib into DevkitPro


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Ok, so I installed the Windows version of DevkitPro, then used a CVS program to download the wifi lib. All good so far :)


This is where it gets irritating, I'm 99% sure I have to link the lib somehow and I have no idea how to do it, when I compile programs that don't include the wifi lib they compile easily, but if it includes the wifi lib, then it throws all sorts of fun errors out.


I don't think a log of errors is really needed cos It must be pretty straight forward as to what I need to do, but if you do need them, let me know and I'll post.


Cheers ppl,


Ben. :P

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I don't know if this is the official way, but i did it that way:


- download & make the libs

- copy the libwifi* to your libnds lib folder

- copy the content of the includes folder into the libnds include folder

- edit your makefiles, add -ldswifi9/7 to the LIBS var in your makefile

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