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m3 perfect adapter


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ok i just got an m3 perfect adapter(sd)

more info about it on this site >>>> m3adapter.com


I want to run cool homebrew apps on it so if anyone has some post them here please.


I also would like to no how to make a passkey. I've heard it can be done but i dont no how.


I am a complete noob to this site so i really dont no anything about it yet. so i may not understand some things you guys say lol!


thnx a lot



:P <<<<this site has cool pics. lol

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Lesson number 1 - don't make 3 topics with not alot of info within 5 mins.


That aside, to make a passme (passkey) you can have a look at Natrium's site here. (You can also order one off here, which I did because I would probably cost myself more in burn ointment than its worth.)


Also, to find out what firmware you have (which lets you know if you need a pass me 1 or 2) visit ndshb.com's reference chart.


Then, go here (ndshb again) and it will tell you how to use the passme(2) with the M3. Don't pay attention to anything that is between the OLD METHOD flags, I suppose thats there for reference


After all this, when you actually want to download DS Homebrew, there are heaps of sites to look at, Google is your friend!


:):P:punk: <---I like them too :-)

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