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xbox ?'s


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for my dash i have XBMC


[1.] build 1.1.0

XBMC Comile date- jan 30 2006

Mplayer Version MPlayer dev cvs -jan 11 2006.


[2.] and a next XBMC AS A APP only

build 1.1.0[v]jan 7 2005

MPlayer jan 2 2005.


heres the the ?'s-[1.] came from latest evox auto an [2.] came from a next auto installer +alot of streams-forgot the name anyway i need skins i would like [2.] as my dash but the skin is lame and the [1.] i have 3 skins 4 that but i want moooooorrrrre could u help me find compats-(compatible) 4 this [1.or 2]please.


my next ?'s is how to install the halo design (Halo2 SS) ms xbox dash located at allxboxskins.com or any dash.


oh 1 more thing-can the xbox startup thing be changed i think its call x-flubber or something.




XBOX 1.6B XECUTER 2.6 solderless with evox M8 Plus(1.6)bios

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i will try 2 install the latest XBMC as a dash so skip the skin questions.


1.the 3 questions i wanna know is how 2 install dashboard like the (Halo2 SS) ms xbox dash located at allxboxskins.com or any dash.


2.an if the xbox startup thing can be changed.


3.my xbox storage info is saying C,D,E,F,X,Y,Z--TOTAL 9765MB


C=499MB, E=4881MB, F=2134MB D=DVD-ROM an the others are 749mb each but i can't access them so is it possible 2 fix this-like putting all in 1 or at least in the sections i can use.please help

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