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need help remembering this game....

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okay it's not much info. but all i know it's a game for nes. and it's a kind of adventure/action game. all i can remember is pictures (good help that is.) i do remembe that you start off an a map, you have to go from place to place and in those places you have to fight. (from what i remember, its a kind of weird game)


i vaguely remember it from my nes days but i really liked the game. if anyone could name me some games that remotly resembles what i described i'd greatly apprciate it

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On the nes that narrows it down to about 2000.


What we need is something unique from the game...


Like a charecter special power ups the bosses anything we need a little more info m8 there is about 9000 NES games out there ya know :lol:

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hmm...was it like a medevil type of game where your guy is in a suit of armor? if so, it might be either wizards & warriors 1, 2 or 3. emsley is right though, we need a better discription. :lol:

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