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Differences between MAME builds/types?


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I'm new to this forums and have looked for an FAQ on the differences between the MAME version that run on the XBOX and also info on the ROM packages.


Is this info in a sticky thread somewhere?


There are only 2 relevant builds happening these days. HK$ Mameox128 Plus...my personal favarite because of

-kiosk mode,

-custom soundtracks,

-flicker\soften filters,

-titles\cabinets\flyers images support.

-screen "tearing" fix

-128MB xbox support


And the second option is mamedox. I dont know what unique features it has but I know it does NOT have


-kiosk mode,

-custom soundtracks,

-titles\cabinets\flyers images support.


So mameox128 plus has the most features without loss of any features.

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