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CD Holder thingy

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so ever since i got my playstation, one of the little tabs on the center cd clip thingy was broken off so icould see the red rubber ring


awhile back a second one broke off


and now its starting to crack in half, and not grip CDs very well on random occasions, its not even from swapping because i havent played a burned game in awhile, i cant seem to find one that will fit right off an old CD player or something, any ideas on what i should do?


maybe just get a new playstation? they are pretty cheap now

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yeah i remember i got the PSX for free because one of them was broken off, and the gamestop/eb or wherever my friend where wouldnt trade it in because of it so he gave it to me


its not completley broken in half, but its gonna happen eventually, does anyone know if the swap trick with gameshark works on the mini psxs? i woudl like to get one of those :huh:

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