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some kind of threading?


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is there some kind of way to do simple threading??

the only thing that i can do right now is set up a timer and have a nonblocking recv, but i would like it to be blicked when the next lib comes out and have my program wait for it while it is also doing other things

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You can do small thing in Vblank interrupt (like animations). I don't think it's in the lib, but you can also use select().

I also remember someone on Gbadev has implemented a king of threading...



the one on GBADEV does not work as of yet, that i know of, and if i interrupt, it gets locked inside.


what is this select()? have any documentation or an example i can use?

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select() is a function that check if there is data that can be read on a socket, but it's not implemented in sgstair's lib.

But why don't using non-blocking sockets ? It isn't a problem on a non-OS system like the DS...



if i had TCP i wouldnt mind, but UDP unfortunalty drops data, so there is a less of a chance that i would get it if it were non blocked, plus im keeping networking out of the game loop because its just neater and more versitile when dealing with tons of functions

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