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PointyRemote v0.00001a Released!


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Pointy Remote is a VNC like homebrew program for the Nintendo DS! It allows you to browse your computer on a Nintendo DS. This is the first release, so it'll be a tad bit buggy.


To use it you'll need an ap (dooh), and the server running on the host computer

configure your ap as u did on wifi ds test, when you are connected, press the udp test button


and thats it, it'll look awfull, but it works....

press A to use a zoomed view of the screen

press B to se the gral view of the screen


while in zoom mode, u can do clicks with the stylus, and while in gral mode, u can select wich portion of the screen zoom


to send text, press select (\ is return)

if the text is not send, u can repeat the last sent text with LEFT trigger

»» Original Thread/Download

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